Mark Privitera's Online Portfolio

I have always been an artist since childhood. When I was 15 I started painting with acrylics and liked it a lot. I took a graphic design class when I was 17 in high school well before it was highly technical.

I took quite a while off from school after high school and just worked. When I moved here in 96’ I tried acting, standup comedy etc. for a while then in 02’ got a degree in animation. I decided that I liked web design much more than animation and pursued this degree in multimedia and like it even more. I have just completed my Bachelor's degree at The Art Institute of California Los Angeles.

My purpose currently is to just keep making websites, editing video, and graphicly design. It's so much more fun not struggling as much with the technology and I can actually make a living now after so much school. I've started my own business and it has been doing well the last 5 months and hopefully will keep progressing. I will continue to market myself on the internet doing a vast range of multimedia and selling computers which is a new added element to "New Millennium Multimedia."

It looks like this contract I've been busy with the last 3 months is coming to a close so who knows where to now. I am confident and very happy to see all my work at The Art Institute Los Angeles finally come together!

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