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All images used on client's websites that were not made by me are the responsibility of that client for obtaining permission to use such images. All other Images and graphics are made by me except the "My opinion on art" site.

"My opinion on art" website credits:

The Crystal Method, Album: “Exit Planet Dust,” Track: “Fuck Up Beats.” 14 March 2007

The Crystal Method, Album: “Community Service,” Tracks: “Name of the Game,” “Funny Break,” “Trickshot.” 14 March 2007 sound effects 15 March 2007 <http://www.>

John Moglia Home Page: 15 March 2007 <>

Dennis Brizendine Home Page: 15 March 2007 <>

Proa Fundacion: 15 March 2007 <>

Mona Lisa Project: 15 March 2007 <>

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