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Mark Privitera
P.O. Box 65063
L.A., CA 90065


To obtain a career in a challenging, creative, and professional environment with growth potential.


Nutriscreen                               Webmaster             Covina, CA
- Streaming Media: uploaded all videos on the Nutriscreen site to an online video   server:                                                        
- Created entire Twitter page:                     
- Created YouTube page & uploaded videos:
- Made & maintain website:                         
- Maintained & updated website:                 
- Maintained, modified & updated website: 
- Search engine optimization
- Email Marketing
- Twitter/Youtube Marketing
- Research & Development
- Graphic design & printing: flyers and posters for marketing campaign, logo, company T-shirt.
- Product marketing & media: Edited video and made DVD's that I shipped with product   to potential buyers.
- IT: maintain & repair computers as needed.
- Research & Development in the field of health & nutrition products.
- Directed, and produced a 3D animation for Infomercial.

David Gibson                           Web Designer         San Gabriel, CA
- Created website:                                        

Sam Blanchard                       Web Designer         Santa Monica, CA
- Created website and streamed video to the web page:                                                                      
Carpet Detail CO                     Web Designer         Orange, CA
- Created website:                                        

NHF                                         Web Designer         Monrovia, CA
- I helped add pages, modify their site, and modify their logo:                                                                      
Lapshade Wires, Inc.              Web Designer         Whittier, CA
- SEO:                                                           
- Fixed ALL code errors and optimized html with marketing terms and got this site on 1st   page of Google for search terms: "Lampshade frames," or "Lampshade Rings."
- Can contact client for reference.

Leo Grillo productions             Web Designer         Los Angeles, CA
- Created entire site, added graphics:         
- Streaming Media: uploaded all videos on the Zyzzyx site to an online video server
- Created entire MySpace page:                  
- Created entire YouTube page:                   
- Designed interface on the Zyzzyx site similar to FaceBook's that promotes to the   user's email address book contacts
- Maintained & updated website:                 
- Maintained & updated website:                 
- Maintained, modified & updated website: 
- Search engine optimization
- Email Marketing
- MySpace Marketing
- Research & Development

Dealer Financial Services       Web Designer          Pasadena, CA
- Created entire site:                                     
- Made content management system where the user can login and add & remove cars   and information
- Client left assignment incomplete however the management system is up and   running

Rockopopula Productions        Web Designer        Santa Monica, CA
- Created entire site:                                    

ACS Inc.                                   Web Designer        Alta Dena, CA
- Created entire site, updated logo & graphics:
- Graphically designed promotional pamphlets.
- Search engine optimization, graphically designed rotating header images:                                                                      
Ily Enterprises Inc.                   Web Designer        Santa Fe Springs, CA
- Updated links on site, animated company logo:

1998 to 2005
U.W.S.I.                                    Political Activist     Inglewood, CA
- Gathered signatures for ballot initiatives.
- Educated individuals and did public speaking on political issues.
- Recruited and trained other employees for the company.

1996 to 1998
Insomnia                                   Promoter               Los Angeles, CA
- Street marketing for club events including flyer distribution.

1993 to 1996
Marks’ Landscape                     Owner                   Boulder, CO
- All aspects of business operations including marketing & sales for sole   proprietorship.


03/2004 to 03/2008
AILA                 Bachelor of Science (Multimedia) Santa Monica, CA

10/2002 to 03/2004
Brooks College Associate of Science (Animation)  Long Beach, CA


Honor role student, Dedicated and motivated worker, Excellent art & drawing skills, Production of a quality graphic design layout, Video editing, DVD programming, Sound design, and Web design.

Proficient in the following:

Flash, After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Pro Tools, DVD Studio Pro, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Quark, and Photoshop.


Accepted into Alpha Beta Gamma Honor Society for Cumulative 3.6 G.P.A.


Outgoing, Computer literate, Professional attitude, Japanese Animation, Painting, Drawing, Jewelry making, Sculpting, and Stand up comedy.


Blind Date Television Show

Letter of recommendation:

It is with great pleasure to recommend and endorse Mark Privitera as a potential employee for your company. Being his Flash and Photoshop instructor, has given me not only first hand insight on his excellent technical art abilities, but getting to know his as a friend as well as a hard working student. Mr. Privitera has the tenacity to work hard in completing all assignments and turning them in on time, which shows me that he will be a very dependable, reliable and loyal employee. I feel this is a very important attribute to have for a potential employer. Mr. Privitera is also a very gifted web design and graphic design layout artist. You can in trust in my opinion, that hiring Mr. Privitera would be a wise investment in not only in the future of your company, but also in helping him launch a very challenging career in Multimedia, that he will be excellent in as well as contributing to the needs of your company.

Daniel Loya
(714) 978-2883
Brooks College
4825 E. Pacific Coast Highway
Long Beach, CA 90804

Other references available upon request

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